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We deliver as a team

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as a team

Our team at Sense has a combined wealth of experience in building teams and introducing the right people for business, project, consulting, transformation and coaching appointments, as well as incredible market insight across Perth and it’s varying industries. All of our employees are selected for their sense of passion, their genuine desire to help people and their networks in their areas of strength.

At Sense we are rewarded as a team and deliver as a team. Our Senior Consultants understand and practice the “end to end” recruitment process and, through our company vision and high touch strategy, are committed to working to this model rather than having layers of account managers, recruiters and resourcers. This means guaranteed quality and consistency for all of our clients and candidates in their engagement with SENSE Recruitment.

Anita Pages-Oliver
Anita Pages-OliverRecruiter | Advisor | Founding Director
I am a genuine and passionate consultant who thrives on helping people and businesses aspire to succeed. As the founding Director of Sense Recruitment in 2007, I have been recruiting in Perth, AsiaPac, Africa and nationally for more than 18 years.

I truly value the relationships and friendships I have built over this time and love meeting and connecting with new people. I am continually amazed at how small our world is and how people are connected. The knowledge I’ve acquired about companies , projects and people in Perth over this time is immense and serves me very well when combined with my elephant memory. This really does enable me to bring more value to clients and roles and securing the right people. I believe that culture is everything and will ask all the hard questions to ensure we match the right person to a role.

I love connecting people with other like minded people and over the years have seen many alliances and partnerships come to life through our introductions.

We have a strong brand at Sense built on being authentic, really understanding people and business and striving to give everyone a great customer experience. All of our consultants are selected for their alignment to these values, and offering high touch service.

Georgie Cooke
Georgie CookeSenior Recruitment Specialist | Advisor
I love my role at Sense Recruitment. It’s my job to connect people with opportunities and opportunities with people. I like to challenge the recruitment status quo and encourage every person to expect excellence out of a recruitment consultant.

It’s my job to be as highly engaged as I can with the sorts of people that you want to have working for you and that you’d like to work for. It’s my mission every day to serve and immerse myself in a global community of talent.

I endeavour to be ahead of the pack – in service, in industry knowledge & in my network. I ask the hard questions… the ones you haven’t thought to ask yourself. I work with industry leading technology and team it with a consultative approach. I approach every engagement with a genuine care and a commitment to getting it right.

I get to know the people I work with… I invest in them… my goals become their goals and that is how I like to recruit. Win-win-win.

Mark Sheppard
Mark SheppardSenior Recruitment Consultant
I am a professional and dedicated Senior Consultant, bringing extensive hiring and consulting experience from a range of industries over the past 10 years, including IT, Mining and Engineering.

I’ve worked in Account Management and Recruitment in both internal teams and external agencies, and as a result I’ve been privileged to gain a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in the hiring arena both from a customer perspective and also as a service provider. This experience allows me to provide a holistic, solutions based approach to recruitment and staffing that goes beyond a transactional resourcing service to our customers and candidates.

I’m passionate about emerging technology and its relationship to human development and the experience of work. I believe that life-long learning is key to both career and personal development and through a combination of building business relationships and continuous education, I add immediate value to hiring organisations by employing these values by seeking to understand business drivers and motivation, with the end view of introducing the best talent to match and contribute to company growth.

Beyond my professional experience, I love recruiting as I get to meet with interesting people and I always learn something new in each interaction. I take the time to meet people face to face where possible, and see the advent of social media as only one avenue for communication; whilst these tools are excellent for engagement it’s impossible to truly understand a person without meeting them. Recruitment is a people business!

Samantha Jones
Samantha JonesChief Financial Officer
I am an experienced Senior Executive with strong background in Accounting and Business Law and 15+ years’ experience in providing financial services to a wide range of businesses operating in various industries.

Having worked for more than 6 years at Sense Recruitment I have enjoyed watching its’ dynamic growth while offering my advice and expertise in the areas of budgeting and forecasting, accounts and payroll management, customisation of systems and processes for the better fit of our clients and Sense business requirements, revision and review of strategic plans to ensure agreed outcomes and objectives.

I pride myself in having excellent people skills paired with professional commitment and responsibility as well as an excellent aptitude to deal with figures as well as people.

We, at Sense, constantly work on providing excellent customer service to a wide range of clients we are honoured to work with – anticipating their business needs and customising our systems and processes to bring the most cost effective solutions. That’s an exciting journey I am proud to be a part of!

Melinda Gale
Melinda GaleRecruitment Resourcer
I’m a great believer in what goes around comes around. I’ve had great things happen to me in my life and now it’s my turn to give back. I’ve been lucky to have worked with some great companies and awesome people and I really understand how important finding that ‘right’ job is. It’s not just about the job it’s about the culture, environment and the people.

I’ve worked with ‘different’ people before and going to work can be a challenge, getting simple jobs done can be a challenge. I want to help people and companies remove that awkward feeling in the work place and help build healthy, happy teams.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity or keen to see what the market is doing feel welcome to make contact.

Connect with me over LinkedIn for networking, career opportunities, and more!

Sally Robot
My name is Sally, and I’m the Sense Recruitment Robot. You will receive an email from me once you’ve applied to any of our jobs just to let you know – for sure – that Sense Recruitment has received your application.

I’m passionate about customer service and feedback as I know how it important it is for you as a candidate to feel treated like a person, not just an on-line CV. A huge part of the reason I like working for Sense Recruitment is that they really do care about your experience.


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